Youth was served before and during the action Saturday night at the Jamestown Speedway.

Young Wissota Modified driver Mike Greseth won a hotly-contested feature highlighting the action.

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Prior to the first heat of the night, area kids got to hop into a car and take a spin around the track.

Joining Greseth in the winners circle were Nick Thoreson in the Street Stocks on a technicality, Midwest Modified driver Jim Morlock and Mark Berg, who claimed his third Bomber feature of the season.

Greseth started in the second row of the Mod feature and was leading the pack after five laps, following the yellow flag waving on lap 3. Shortly later, another caution flew, restarting the action with six laps complete.

Greseth, who also won his heat race earlier in the night, continued to hold the lead and was chased by John Corell after another yellow flag.

Greseth and Corell battled the rest of the way with Greseth hugging the bottom of the track, not allowing either Corell or Randy Tarno, who went high, to get by.

The checkered was Greseths second. Corell ran a strong second while Tarnos daring driving earned him third.

In the Street Stocks feature, Dave Rohweder may have had the best car of the night, but a mistake on a restart cost him.

On the early and only yellow of the 20-lapper, Rohweder was called for jumping the restart, costing him a two-spot penalty, levied on either the next caution or at the completion of the race.

Despite crossing the finish line first, Rohweder was knocked down two positions because the race ran clean the rest of the way. As a result, Nick Thoreson was declared the winner with Rusty Kollman second. Rohweder still earned a strong third-place finish for his efforts to go along with a heat win.

Thoreson had his car working, too. He led the first four laps before Rohweder took command a quarter of the way through.

Morlock had to work for his second career Jamestown Speedway victory.

Jason Grimes stayed in front for the majority of the 20 laps, but after working past Eric Edwards and Troy Nelson eight laps in, Morlock set his sights on Grimes, and finally reeled him in on the bottom of the track on lap 14. Once in front, he stayed there beating Grimes, Nelson, Edwards and Jeremy Forester across.

There was no stopping Berg in the Bomber feature.

He started in front and never game up the top spot. Paul Kirkeide, his fellow front-row sitter, battled all the way to the end, but Berg was too tough, winning his third 20-lap showdown of the season.

Kirkeide, who held off Berg in a heat race earlier, was second with Leann Christensen working up from eighth to place third. Ryan Carr and Cory Jacobson rounded out the top five.

The Road Hog race had a little controversy as well.

After Preston Carr and Ben Beach won the caution-free feature, a post-race inspection uncovered an illegal carburetor, giving second-place finisher Chris Gussiaas and Kyle Braaten the win. The team of Jeff Larson and Brian Beckley placed second.

The Road Hog Rumble is planned for Saturday night. All other classes will be in action as well with the flag dropping at 7 p.m.

Wissota Modifieds

Feature: 1, Mike Greseth; 2, John Corell; 3, Randy Tarno; 4, Bob Sagen; 5, Jason Blue; 6, Mark Trautner; 7, Jason Smith; 8; Tim Thomas; 9, Vince Roth; 10, Dwight Wegner.

Heat 1: 1, Engelstad; 2, M.Trautner; 3, Thomas; 4, J.Trautner; 5, Burkhardsmier; 6, Smith; 7, Corell; 8, Roth.

Heat 2: 1, Greseth; 2, Lamb; 3, Tarno; 4, Blue; 5, Stangeland; 6, Sagen; 7, Wegner.

Wissota Street Stocks

Feature: 1, Nick Thoreson; 2, Rusty Kollman; 3, Dave Rohweder; 4, Spencer Johnson; 5, Billie Chirst; 6, Chris Michaelsohn; 7, Barrett Berg; 8, Casey Stangeland; 9, Brett McIlonie; 10, Kelly Hagel.

Heat 1: 1, Rohweder; 2, Christ; 3, Thoreson; 4, Michaelsohn; 5, McIlonie; 6, Bintz; 7, Wegner; 8, Tandeski.

Heat 2: 1, Kollman; 2, Johnson; 3, Berg; 4, Stangeland; 5, Hagel; 6, Babcock; 7, Fliflet.

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1, Jim Morlock; 2, Jason Grimes; 3, Troy Nelson; 4, Eric Edwards; 5, Jeremy Forester; 6, Jeff DeBuck; 7, Rusty Kollman; 8, Ross Romdalvik; 9, Jeremy Schmidt; 10, Steve Ost.

Heat 1: 1, Kollman; 2, Edwards; 3, Forester; 4, Romdalvik; 5, Schlafmann; 6; DeBuck; 7, Jerry Theis; 8, Pavlicek.

Heat 2: 1, Grimes; 2, Morlock; 3, Nelson; 4, Ost; 5, Hook; 6, Schmidt; 7, Peterson.


Feature: 1, Mark Berg; 2, Paul Kirkeide; 3, Leann Christensen; 4, Ryan Carr; 5, Cory Jacobson; 6, Caley Babcock; 7, Paul Wanzek; 8, Jake Emo; 9, Matt Gumke; 10.

Heat 1: 1, Erickson; 2, Jensen; 3, Christensen; 4, Grager; 5, Jenrich; 6, Henne; 7, Jeremy Hook; 8, John Sommerfeld; 9, Mike Nims; 10, Mikelson.

Heat 2: 1, Babcock; 2, Nitschke; 3, Wanzek; 4, Emo; 5, Tom Bjerke; 6, Josh Rodcliffe; 7, Chad Gourneau; 8, Jason Thoms; 9, Devin Christ.

Heat 3: 1, Kirkeide; 2, Berg; 3, Carr; 4, Gumke; 5, Houchin; 6, William Siebert; 7, Michel; 8, Jacobson; 9, Schempp.

Consi: 1, Jacobson; 2, Mikkelson; 3, Schempp; 4, Henne; 5, Michel; 6, Sommerfeld; 7, Thoms; 8, Radcliffe; 9, Siebert; 10, Hook; 11, Nims.


Feature: 1, Chris Gussiaas and Kyle Braaten; 2, Jeff Larson and Brian Beckley; 3, Glenn Christenson and Cindy Christenson; 4, Chase Biel and Seth Schultz; 5, Randy Gordon and Brandon Guthmiller; 6, Shawn Leavey and Chris Scouten; 7, Ross Bollingberg and Dane Bollingberg; 8, Catrina Wiest and Heather Beaker; 9, Dan Albrecht and Dave Stoppleworth; 10, Kyle Erdman and Travis Aljets; 11, Preston Carr and Ben Beach.