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Emergency spillway stable at Lake LaMoure, officials say

The emergency spillway at Lake LaMoure has been deemed stable by the North Dakota State Water Commission representatives on site, said Sheri Gartner, director of emergency services for LaMoure County.

Flows over the emergency spillway have gone down considerably over the last few days, she said. Total flows going out of the lake now exceed the flows coming into the lake, which means the lake level should be dropping steadily over the next few days. The area around the emergency spillway remains closed to the general public for safety and security reasons.

The City of LaMoure and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department are asking lake lot renters to make every attempt to remove or secure debris at their lake site within the next few days. Debris includes things

such as picnic tables, water toys, garbage cans, etc... Right now the ice on the lake is holding most of the debris close to shore so that it could easily be retrieved by using a rope and hook or by wearing chest waders to

enter the lake. If debris is not removed or secured, the owner may be charged with a fine of up to $250, and the items will be confiscated by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. Concern is that the debris may

eventually move over the principal spillway pipe, which could restrict the flow of water out of the lake and put the emergency spillway back in jeopardy, Gartner said.

As a safety precaution, Dakota Valley Electric shut off power to the entire lake. If people's electrical equipment (breaker/fuse panel, receptables, etc.) were submerged by floodwaters, it will need to be replaced before power can be restored. For assistance, contact a North Dakota licensed electrical contractor to make the proper repairs and a wiring certificate will be issued to Dakota Valley Electric before power to the lot can be restored. People may also contact the State Electrical Board at (701) 328-9522 for further questions.

People visiting the lake should remember that it contains floodwaters, so there may be contaminates present. The water has not yet been tested for safety, so use caution if coming in direct contact with it. Medical experts

recommend people that come in contact with flood aters should have a tetanus shot. If people's tetanus shot is

not current, they may schedule an appointment to get one by contacting the LaMoure County Public Health Department at (701) 883-5356.