On the advice of the Nevis School District's attorney, Tuesday's open board meeting to discuss action on bookkeeper Betsy Anderson's contract was canceled and rescheduled.

Anderson was placed "on leave" last week after her son, Jon Hoffman, questioned Nevis superintendent Steve Rassier's personal use of a district vehicle in southern Minnesota Aug. 21.

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But Rassier said Tuesday that placing Anderson on leave "had nothing to do with the Suburban issue; it was a personnel issue. Absolutely."

According to Rassier, the attorneys will discuss the matter prior to a special meeting that has been scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept.

8 in the media center.

The meeting will be held, he said, "unless the attorneys resolve things before we get to the public meeting. We have a week and day to work things out," he said Tuesday night.

Anderson said she was asked to meet with Rassier and school board chair Ed Becker Wednesday, Aug. 25 after her son's questioning of Rassier's use of the vehicle was brought to their attention.

When Anderson refused, telling them she wanted an attorney present, she states she was told to "turn in her keys and leave the building immediately due to insubordination."

Tuesday, Rassier reiterated his earlier statement that "it was absolutely OK to drive the Suburban" and his decision to place Anderson on administrative leave was based on personnel matters, which are confidential.

Anderson, also contacted Tuesday night, said, "The vehicle was the issue causing me to get fired.

"Personal use of a public vehicle is against federal law," Anderson said, which applies to school districts because they receive federal dollars.

Anderson said she hired an attorney prior to this for other district- related personnel matters.

She brought a letter in to the school Monday explaining why she did not want to meet one on one with board chair Ed Becker and Rassier.

"I think we can resolve the issues outside a public school board meeting," Anderson said. "I hope they will be resolved with few hard feelings so I can get back to work."

Jean Ruzicka is a reporter for the Park Rapids (Minn.) Enterprise which is owned by Forum Communications Co.