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Essentia, JRMC clinics open

(John M. Steiner / The Sun) A large reception area for patients can be seen at the JRMC Clinic, which recently opened at Jamestown Regional Medical Center. The building also houses a new Essentia Health Clinic and will house a new Veterans Affairs clinic.1 / 3
(John M. Steiner / The Sun) A spacious exam room is just one of 30 at the new Essentia Health clinic, which is under the same roof as JRMC Clinic at Jamestown Regional Medical Center.2 / 3
(John M. Steiner / The Sun) Clinic Manager Katie Nold, Jamestown Regional Medical Center Clinic manager, stands at the entrance of the facility that has a staff of 12 including three doctors, a physician's assistant, nurses and admissions workers.3 / 3

The new year means new space for the Jamestown Regional Medical Center Clinic and Essentia Health Clinic.

The JRMC Clinic opened up its new home inside the hospital on Dec. 31, according to CEO Todd Hudspeth.

"We've heard very positive feedback from our patients about the new clinic," he said.

The JRMC clinic was operating out of a modular building on the hospital grounds. The modular building has 11 exam rooms, which the clinic's doctors shared with the Veterans Affairs clinic. Hudspeth said the JRMC clinic now has 22 exam rooms for its staff.

"The modular has 6,500 square feet," he said. "Now we have 10,000 square feet without the VA clinic."

Being inside the hospital building is another advantage for the clinic's patients and staff.

"If a doctor needs to send a patient for a test outside the clinic, it is just a quick trip down the hall," Hudspeth said.

When the idea for building a new hospital was first discussed, Hudspeth said they wanted to build the new clinic space at the same time. Once the new building was completed, the money was raised to build a wing to the west to house the different medical clinics serving the area.

Hudspeth said the new wing includes room for the VA clinic and that move should take place in February.

Another new addition to medical center is a coffee bar -- Meeting Grounds, Too -- which is operated by the owner of the southeast Jamestown coffee shop Meeting Grounds.

Clinic Manager Katie Nold said the clinic has a staff of 12 that includes three doctors, each with a nurse and physician's assistant, and admissions staff. The clinic includes new equipment and its own entrance from the medical center's main parking lot.

The Essentia Health clinic completed its move from downtown Jamestown out to the JRMC between Jan. 4 and was ready for patients on Monday.

Laura Hovland is the Essentia clinic manager.

"Our staff did an excellent job moving our supplies and paper work from our old building to here," she said.

Essentia's former clinic site provided a central location for its patients, but Hovland said moving to the hospital will provide more room and better service.

"At our old site we had 22 exams rooms, now we have 30," she said. "We have three procedure rooms, we can do our own labs and our own X-rays."

Business Supervisor Vicki Walsh said they did hear from some patients who weren't happy about the move before Essentia moved into its new location.

"They were concerned about having to drive out to the hospital, where before we were in town," she said.

Now that the clinic is open in its new home, Walsh said the patients are excited to see it.

"We've been very busy since Monday," she said.

Hovland said Essentia's goal is to keep costs down.

"We don't want to duplicate services. Being here at the hospital helps us achieve these goals," she said.

The new Essentia clinic has 20,500 square feet of space, up from the 14,491 square feet the old site offered.

"Our biggest challenge moving here was all the supplies we brought with us," she said.

Both clinics offer a variety of medical services and those patients now also have the medical center's resources available on site as well.

Hudspeth said with the two clinics in the center, and space available for the VA clinic, there is about 4,000 square feet left for another use. One possible use he mentioned is a cancer treatment center.

"We haven't decided on anything, we're exploring options," he said.

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