JPS Board approves summer projects


The Jamestown Public School Board voted to approve $422,000 in summer projects throughout the district this year.
With the district facing an $800,000 deficit at the end of the fiscal year on June 30, Superintendent Rob Lech said projects were prioritized and many were put on the back burner for next year.
“I asked each of the building administrators to look at what are specific needs in their building,” Lech said, adding that the neediest projects were first priority and other projects were prioritized second through fifth.
Lech recommended the board only approve the top three priorities for each building.
Those projects include:
* bathroom and sidewalk accessibility for people with disabilities, and tile and structural work at Gussner Elementary School.
* three circulation pumps for the boiler room, playground and fence work, and carpet, ceiling and lighting work at Lincoln Elementary School.
* extended gymnasium wall padding and a volleyball net system for a third volleyball court at Jamestown High School.
* electrical outlets, window screens and improved classroom door locks for Jamestown Middle School.
* roof repairs at Louis L’Amour Elementary School.
* condensation return pumps for the boiler room at Roosevelt Elementary School, along with wall and door repairs and new tiles in the kitchen and gymnasium.
* window repair, interior painting and transitioning a bathroom into a storage room at Washington Elementary School.
The money for the projects comes from the district’s building fund, and Lech said the list of summer projects will continue to be reviewed in years to come.
“It just kind of becomes a living document where at the end of this year we eliminate those we’ve already done and then we reassess,” Lech said. “It doesn’t mean that something that was a level 5 will next year because it’s still on the list, becomes a level 4. It just means you reassess based on how much you have.”
Board member Shelly Jystad said extending the padding along the wall at the high school gym was a good move and hoped similar work could be done at the middle school.
“I’ve been a part of witnessing something that could have been catastrophic because the mat either was not up or could be extended,” she said. 
The board also:
* selected DLR Group as the firm that will undertake the district’s facilities assessment, which will address building needs and possible restructuring of the district’s elementary schools.
* approved a letter of resignation from high school English teacher Nicole Nelson effective at the conclusion of the 2013-14 school year.
* approved the first reading of the district’s tobacco policy, which is being revised to include electronic cigarettes.
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