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Flood stage; James River to crest near flood stage in LaMoure County

The James River in LaMoure County will crest near flood stage sometime on Wednesday evening, according to LaMoure County Emergency Manager Kimberly Robbins.

Robbins said due to recent heavy rains she is expecting the James River to crest at 11.4 feet on Wednesday, which would be the highest the river has been since 2011.

“Our (action) flood stage is 12 feet,” she said. “We won’t get that high.”

Robbins said she is alerting the public about the James River height because there may be people who didn’t live along the James River in 2011, the last time the river reached the flood stage. The river will appear high on its banks, but there won’t be any flooding, she said.

Robbins said the James River should be back to the 10-foot range by Saturday. The flow rate for the river will be 1,500 cubic feet per second over the next week.

“Individuals living near the James River should be aware of the temporary increased river levels and increased flow rates of the river,” she said.

In related James River news, Bob Martin, Pipestem Dam manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, said the water releases were increased from the Jamestown Reservoir at about 11 a.m. Tuesday. He said the reservoir’s flood storage pool needed to be emptied because it was full. The water was released at a rate of 75 cubic feet per second, Martin said.

Martin said there shouldn’t be any impact on the LaMoure area as it will take 10 to 14 days for the water from Jamestown Reservoir to reach LaMoure County. The Jamestown Reservoir flood storage pool should be emptied by June 1.

Martin said no releases have been planned for the Pipestem Dam anytime soon.

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