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TRAC policies presented at Parks and Rec meeting

The facility manager for the Two Rivers Activity Center presented the first of many of the center's policies to the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Commission on Monday.

Amy Walters presented the TRAC rental policy to the board. The rental fees are broken down by each meeting room and can extend to the entire facility, Walters said. She said all renters will have to follow the same policy, whether they are an organization or individual.

A facility use agreement between TRAC and the Jamestown Public School District was also presented by Walters. The agreement will finalize the exchange of land between the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department and JPS if approved by the JPS School Board on Monday, Nov. 21, Walters said.

The agreement states the difference of $350,000 the Parks and Recreation Department owes JPS for the land will be paid off through the school district's use of the facility. No time limit was put on the agreement because as rental rates change, it is unclear how long it may take to pay off the difference, Walters said.

Walters said she and Doug Hogan,Parks and Recreation director, would meet with JPS Superintendent Rob Lech and Jamestown High School Athletic Director Jim Roaldson quarterly to review schedules and voice any concerns from either side.

Walters presented a statement of TRAC Advisory Committee's role as the project moves forward. Walters said there has traditionally been 10 members on the committee since it began in 2007 and proposed to continue with that many members.

Advisory committee members will have a term limit of six years, and current members' terms will officially begin at the start of the new year, Walters said. The number of committee members may be revised after TRAC is opened, she said.

"These documents are my best forethought," Walters said. "It may very well change."

Walters also presented a staffing timeline, and she said job descriptions will be run by the board as they are developed. Walters said she is also finalizing the proposal for exercise equipment, so the department can begin advertising for companies to place their bids.

In other business, Hogan gave an update on Jack Brown Stadium's new dugouts. Construction has begun after being put on hold last month because costs were higher than expected, he said. Hogan said the department substituted some materials and eliminated rubber and concrete in front of the dugouts to bring the cost back down to about $288,000 from $366,000.

Hogan said about 60 percent of the project will be done this fall, with the rest finished in the spring. He said the department is still receiving donations for the dugouts.

In new business, the board agreed to allow the Parks and Recreation Department to get a credit card to be used for appropriate purchases.