MANDAN - Five Dakota Access Pipeline protesters were arrested Tuesday during a day that included a SWAT team responded to trespassing reports near the pipeline route.

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In a news release, the Morton County Sheriff’s Office said protesters gathered several times on the Backwater Bridge on Tuesday afternoon. Eventually, some protesters tampered with barricades before crossing the bridge, which previously pipeline opponents agreed to stay off.

Officers also responded to incidents on and around Turtle Hill, where a group crossed the Cannonball River. Five of those protesters were arrested for criminal trespass for being on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land, the Sheriff’s Office said.

In the evening, about 100 demonstrators gathered on Backwater Bridge again, prompting officers to bring in a Bearcat and SWAT team.

The news release said protesters tampered with barriers, broke the lenses on a light tower, vandalized a generator and stole a DOT sign, prompting officers to fire less-thanlethal munitions, during the day’s demonstrations.