Kim White, who has been triking to raise money for the Burma Children Medical Fund, arrived in Napoleon Saturday.

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From Cannonball, Ore., to Wascott, Wis., the trike trip is about 2,000 miles eastward, and he had traveled about 1,460 miles at the time.

White, a science teacher, coach, naturalist and founder of “Into the Wild” in 1997, began a fundraising campaign to raise money for the Burma Children Medical Fund, an organization that supports medical needs of people in Thai/Burma. A wide range of disabilities including muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, polio, birth defects, surgical needs and medical services hope to be met by fundraising, especially for the purchase of equipment such as wheelchairs.

After experiencing the tragedy of his mother suffering polio and his father contracting a rare virus, White said he has been determined to “pedal in the right direction” to contribute to this cause for wheelchairs and medical treatment for children.

His plan is to ride a trike through western states heading east toward the sun as long as his “71-year-old body and 4-year-old trike hold up.”

For the triking trip, White uses a velomobile, which offers a human-powered rocket with three wheels and maximizes the speed achieved with pedaling.

All expenses incurred by White are paid by him with no reimbursement. Although “GoFundMe” receives a service fee of 7.8 percent along with a 30 cent charge per donation; the remainder goes directly to the Burma Children Medical Fund.