FARGO - The Nestor, one of the oldest surviving bars in town, is expected to shut down by the end of the year, according to a city official.

City Auditor Steve Sprague told the Liquor Control Board on Wednesday, June 21, that owner Doug DeMinck is selling his liquor license to Tailgator's Sports Cafe effective at the end of December.

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That's when DeMinck's lease ends and he will close the bar, Sprague said.

The board agreed to let the sale happen at its Wednesday meeting with the understanding that The Nestor will continue to use the license until it closes.

The Forum couldn't reach DeMinck for comment, but he has not applied for another liquor license, suggesting it's really the end of the road for a business with roots in Prohibition-era Fargo.

The Kilbourne Group bought the Nestor property, located at 1001 NP Ave. N., in October 2015. DeMinck told The Forum then that he wanted to buy the property, which belonged to the estate of the previous owner of The Nestor, but couldn't match Kilbourne's offer.

The Nestor opened sometime around 1913 when it was known as the Nestor Cigar Store at 614 First Ave. N., according to Polk City Directories from the era. Today, that area is the Cityscapes Plaza. North Dakota was a dry state then and continued to be so when Prohibition began in 1919. That year, The Nestor was also listed as a pool hall, as it would be for decades afterward.

Sometime after Prohibition ended, it began to sell alcohol and became listed as a tavern.

In 1970, The Nestor moved to its current location when the city Parking Authority bought its old location. A parking lot and movie theater was built in its place.

According to The Nestor's website, the bar, nicknamed "The Nasty," has evolved under current ownership to be more of a music venue aimed at original music.