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Voters could decide if Spirit Lake Casino puts alcohol on the menu

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FORT TOTTEN, N.D.—One local reservation could soon allow alcohol, but it could take a ballot referendum vote.

The Spirit Lake Reservation is a dry reservation—no alcohol is allowed—but some tribe members are asking for those living on the reservation to sign a petition allowing for the sale of hard liquor, beer, and wine at the casino during special events, concerts, and in one of the restaurants.

So far, the tribe members have 275 signatures, and they’re hoping to get 500—once they reach that number, they plan to give the signatures to the tribal council, hoping they will call for a special election.

It’s all part of a plan to bring more people to the entertainment venue.

"I think it'd be a good thing because we could book some weddings, I mean 300 more people on the floor means 300 more possible gamblers that would go play on the machines,” said one of the signature-gatherers, Peter Owlboy Jr.

Only enrolled members in the tribe can sign the petition—tribe members can click hereto contact the Facebook page and sign the petition.