BCN receives behavioral health grant

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The North Dakota Department of Human Services’ Behavioral Health Division announced Wednesday it has awarded funding for the expansion of a children’s behavioral health prevention and early intervention pilot grant to Dunseith Public School and Barnes County North Public School near Wimbledon, N.D.

The two school districts together will share up to $150,000 to build a comprehensive strategy to improve children’s behavioral health in school settings by using a fully-integrated continuum of support that includes health promotion, primary prevention, treatment and recovery that can be shared with other North Dakota schools in the future.

“We are excited to develop a comprehensive behavior plan to enforce consistency throughout our building and enhance relationships to be proactive in our fight against the mental health issues in children,” said Danielle Bosse, elementary principal of Barnes County North.

All North Dakota public and private elementary and secondary schools were eligible to apply for the funding. Each school had to complete an application and project narrative that identified current behavioral health needs and gaps within its system. School officials also described how they would enhance their current behavioral health framework, ensure sustainability and measure outcomes.

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