Bruce Berg donates books to Jamestown Middle School library

He spoke with students last week.

Retired teacher and author Bruce Berg told students at the Jamestown Middle School library last week that all people have a story to tell.

Berg spoke to a few classes of students after donating about 50 books on baseball to the Jamestown Middle School library.

“We appreciate that (generosity) so much,” said librarian Jennifer Gall.

Gall said she decided to hold an open house on Nov. 10 to honor Berg for the donation.

“And the books that Bruce has in his collection are really dynamic and interesting for young people because a lot of them have great pictures of old-time baseball and just some really readable books for this age level ...,” she said. “We are always wanting to update and always working on getting good books in the hands of these young people.”


The school’s baseball coaches brought some students in grades 6-8 in to hear Berg speak, Gall said.

Berg recently moved to a different residence in Jamestown and decided that was the time to part with some of his many books.


“I’ve been a baseball fan most of my life and I just had a way of collecting baseball books more than I really needed,” he said. “... I was always very pleased to be able to give the books to somebody who was going to like them” and those particular books that he donated took him back when he would have liked to read them as a kid, he said.

Berg taught speech and English for a total of 37 years including six in Rugby, 31 years at Jamestown High School and part time for a period of time at the University of Jamestown. He said he has written about 10 fiction and nonfiction books including “Common Ground: McElroy Park’s Jack Brown Stadium,” with photography by Reggie Aligada, which was among the books that were donated.

“They say that there’s a book, at least one book in each and every one of us,” he told the students, asking them what they might want to write about themselves.

“Each one of you has had experiences that no one else has had,” he said. It’s important to write about something you love, he said.

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