Carrington's Carr claims special

Carrington's Ryan Carr was the big Bomber winner Saturday night at the Jamestown Speedway. Carr captured the checkered flag in the Bomber special, taking home the big payout as well as surging into the season point's lead. John Corell, Dave Rohwe...

Carrington's Ryan Carr was the big Bomber winner Saturday night at the Jamestown Speedway.

Carr captured the checkered flag in the Bomber special, taking home the big payout as well as surging into the season point's lead.

John Corell, Dave Rohweder and Rusty Kollman also posted feature wins on a hot, muggy night at the quarter-mile, high-banked dirt track.

Thirty Bombers showed up for the season's highest paying race, which was plagued by yellow flags.

Tracy Voightman and Paul Wanzek led in the 20-lapper early, but after a series of cautions at the midway point, Carr raced to the lead and never gave it back.


Off the restart, Carr got the point and stayed there, beating across Kirkeide, Wanzek, Voightman and Dustin Erickson, who crossed 2-3-4-5.

With the win, Carr pushed his lead in the standings to 22 points over Wanzek.

Corey Seckerson and Corey Stangeland started out front in the Mods feature, but were pushed to the back of the pack after a pair of yellows prior to a single lap being completed.

Jason Grimes capitalized and led early, before he had trouble on lap 7, leaving an opening for Corell.

The Jamestown driver took the lead out of the restart, and held off several strong challenges the rest of the way, taking his first feature victory of the campaign.

Leo Burkhardsmier challenged, but settled for second. He still sits atop the point's standings -- seven in front of Corell. Mark Trautner came in third with Terry Haven and Jerry Lamb putting together top five runs.

The Street Stocks sailed through 20 laps of clean racing.

Carrington's Kelly Hagel led early, but it was Dave Rohweder's night.


The Wishek veteran surged to the lead on lap 10, and held off a strong run by Spencer Johnson for the win.

Nelson came in third with McIlonie and Rusty Kollman crossing 3-4-5. Kollman leads by 19 over Nelson in the standings.

The lead changed hands several times early in the Midwest Most feature -- five times in fact.

Jeff DeBuck, Chris Tuchscherer, Troy Nelson, Dave Peterson and Brock Gronwold each got a shot in front, but again it was Kollman who was the last car standing.

Tuchscherer led after lap 13 before a yellow came out for debris on the track.

His stay in front was abbreviated as he spun out on the ensuing lap.

Jerry Theis scooped up the top spot after Tuchscherer's mishap, only to have Kollman's strong car get by him for the lead one lap later.

Ironically, the 1-2 finish by Kollman and Theis left the Carrington and New Rockford drivers tied in a dead heat in the point's standings with 448 each.


Josh Eberhardt worked his way into a third-place finish with Eric Edwards and Fike ending fourth and fifth.

Chris and Brandon Gusiaas teamed for a win in the Road Hog race. Chase Biel and Seth Schulz came in second with Brandon Guthmiller and Randy Gordon teaming for third.

After a busy July, everyone gets a week of Saturday with racing resuming Aug. 4 when kids will have the opportunity to ride in cars.

Wissota Modifieds

Feature: 1, John Corell; 2, Leo Burkhardsmier; 3, Mark Trautner; 4, Terry Haven; 5, Jerry Lamb; 6, Jamie Trautner; 7, Rusty Kollman; 8, Bob Sagen; 9, Tim Thomas; 10, Corey Seckerson; 11, Blake Borgen; 12, Dwight Wegner; 13, Corey Stangeland; 14, Derek Bernstein; 15, Eric Edwards; 16, Jason Grimes; 17, Randy Tarno; 18, Blake Jegtvig; 19, Derek Hanson.

Heat 1: 1. Lamb; 2, Hanson; 3, Burkhardsmier; 4, Borgen; 5, Hanson; 6, Wegner; 7, Bernstein.

Heat 2: 1, M.Trautner; 2, Grimes; 3, Tarno; 4, J.Trautner; 5, Borgen.

Heat 3: 1, Seckerson; 2, Stangeland; 3, Corell; 4, Kollman; 5, Edwards; 6, Sagen.


Wissota Street Stocks

Feature: 1, Dave Rohweder; 2, Spencer Johnson; 3, Luke Nelson; 4, Brett McIlonie; 5, Rusty Kollman; 6, Chris Michaelsohn; 7, Billie Christ; 8, Casey Stangeland; 9, Trent Grager; 10, Ryan Pommerer; 11, Jason Weigel; 12, Kelly Hagel; 13, Jayson Corell.

Heat 1: Rohweder; 2, Kollman; 3, Johnson; 4, Michaelsohn; 5, Pommerer; 6, Grager; 7, Christ.

Heat 2: 1 Nelson; 2, Stangeland; 3, McIlonie; 4, Hagel; 5, Weigel; 6, Corell; 7, Cammy Ost.

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1, Rusty Kollman; 2, Jerry Theis; 3, Josh Eberhardt; 4, Eric Edwards; 5, Ryan Fike; 6, Brent Perleberg; 7, Jeremy Forester; 8, Chris Tuchscherer; 9, Jeff DeBuck; 10, Bryce Borgen; 11, John Clemens; 12, Jim Morlock; 13, Steve Ost; 14, Brock Gronwold; 15, Troy Nelson; 16, Dave Peterson; 17, Randy Klein; 18, Ryan Lehr; 19, Ryan Mikkelson.

Heat 1: 1, Klein; 2, DeBuck; 3, Morlock; 4, Borgen; 5, Eberhardt; 6, Forester; 7, Edwards.

Heat 2: 1, Mikkelson; 2, Tuchscherer; 3, Nelson; 4, Kollman; 5, Lehr; 6, Ost; 7, Perleberg.


Heat 3: 1, Gronwold; 2, Theis; 3, Peterson; 4, Fike; 5, Clemens; 6, Josh Skorczewski.


Feature: 1, Ryan Carr; 2, Paul Wanzek; 3, Marty Nitschke; 4, Travis Aljets; 5, Paul Kirkeide; 6, Matt Gumke; 7, Dale Wampler; 8, Leann Christensen; 9, Clay Houchin; 10, Joie Pfaff; 11, Justin Schempp; 12, Donnie Martin; 13, Landon Becker; 14, Tyler Michel; 15, Tyler Pfaff; 16, Dustin Erickson; 17, Mark Berg; 18, Taylor Weight; 19, Devin Christ; 20, Tracy Voightman.

Heat 1: 1, Weight; 2, L.Becker; 3, J.Pfaff; 4, Berg; 5, Jeff Vogel; 6, T.Pfaff; 7, John Vanbruggen; 8, Chase Carpenter.

Heat 2: 1, Kirkeide; 2, Voightman; 3, Nitschke; 4, Houchin; 5, Jake Emo; 6, Shawn Becker; 7, Charlie Carr; 8, Eugene Dunwoody.

Heat 3: 1, Erickson; 2, Gumke; 3, Christ; 4, Christensen; 5, Ryan Kleinknecht; 6, Wampler; 7, Ryan Wolf.

Heat 4: 1, Carr; 2, Wanzek; 3, Michel; 4, Aljets; 5, Martin; 6, Schempp; 7, Caley Babcock.

Consi 1: 1, Wampler; 2, Pfaff; 3, Wolf; 4, Kleinknecht; 5, Vogel; 6, Carlson; 7, Vanbruggen.


Consi 2: 1, Schempp; 2, Martin; 3, Emo; 4, C.Carr; 5, S.Becker; 6, Babcock.

Road Hogs: 1, Chris Gusiaas and Brandon Gusiaas; 2, Chase Biel and Seth Schulz; 3, Brandon Guthmiller and Randy Gordon; 4, Travis Edinger and Joe Jacobson; 5, Mike Bear and Kelly Gordon; 6, Ryan Widmer and Shane Roemmich; 7, Brian Beckley and Jeff Larson; 8, Dustin Michel and Casey Michel; 9, Nick Olson and John Zeiszler; 10, Grant Christenson and Glenn Christenson; 11, Kyle Braaten and Dallas Braaten; 12, Preston Carr and Ben Beach.

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