City of Jamestown issues 65 building permits through September

In 2021, the inspection department issued 75 building permits.

Anne Carlsen Center construction 10072022.jpg
Work continues Friday, Oct. 7, 2022, at the site of Anne Carlsen Center's new facility in southwest Jamestown. The largest projects that were issued a building permit this year are the Anne Carlsen Center’s new facility and Collins Aerospace’s expansion of its cargo systems facility.
Masaki Ova / The Jamestown Sun
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JAMESTOWN – The city of Jamestown has issued 65 building permits this year through September, according to Tom Blackmore, zoning administrator.

The total valuation is more than $43 million for the building permits issued by the inspection department as of Sept. 8, Blackmore said.

“I have over a $1 million worth of building permit applications on my desk right now that we are still working on that are in review,” he said.

He said the number of building permits issued this year is an average year as far as permit totals.

“I think our commercial sector has seen a lot of activity in 2022, and with the residential, it has been pretty steady,” he said.


In 2021, the inspection department issued 75 building permits with a total valuation of more than $15.7 million.

The largest projects that were issued a building permit this year are the Anne Carlsen Center’s new facility and Collins Aerospace’s expansion of its cargo systems facility in Jamestown with valuations of more than $32.1 million and about $5.5 million, respectively. The Anne Carlsen Center is constructing a 110,000-square-foot facility directly east of the Jamestown Regional Medical Center on the south side of Interstate 94. Collins Aerospace is constructing a 20,000-square-foot addition in the JMS Aviation Park near its current facility.

For residential projects, Blackmore said the most expensive value of a home that was issued a building permit this year has a valuation of $731,000.

He said the valuations on the building permits that are issued don’t include any electrical, mechanical, sewer and water. He said the total cost of each project is generally higher than the valuation listed for the building permit.

“The city does not conduct inspections on those items as far as electrical and plumbing as those inspections are conducted by the respective boards from the state of North Dakota – the North Dakota State Plumbing Board and the North Dakota State Electrical Board,” he said.

Blackmore said the inspection department receives applications for building permits all year-round because there are projects that require remodeling.

“If you are doing certain types of remodeling, that is required for a building permit,” he said.

The inspection department receives the most applications for building permits in the spring and summer, but the department receives a consistent number of applications in the fall as well, he said.


“Winter obviously slows down slightly, but we hope that everybody is using the winter months to plan for the following year,” he said.

Applying for a building permit

When applying for a building permit for a residential project, Blackmore said individuals should contact the inspection department early in their planning phase of their projects to ensure all zoning regulations are met. He said the department can provide the zoning ordinances which are available at

“We sit down, we can walk through what the setback requirements are,” he said.

When submitting an application for constructing a new home, he said the inspection department will need a site plan with detailed plans of the building and floor plans. He said the department will also need the design of the truss package to ensure all trusses are designed to current building code requirements.

“With all the submittals, we also require a completed building permit application listing all of the contractors that are going to be working on the project so we can ensure that the contractors are licensed with the city of Jamestown in their respective fields,” he said.

He said a list of licensed contractors within the city of Jamestown can be found at on the building department page.

“We have a list of all licensed contractors within the city of Jamestown – building, plumbing, electrical, excavation companies, house movers,” he said. “We also want to advise the public that when selecting a contractor, check the references, ensure that they are licensed and bonded to be conducting the work they were hired to perform.”

If everything required is submitted when applying for the building permit, Blackmore said the inspection department does not like having the plans sit on a desk for longer than two weeks but it depends on what is happening at the time. He confirmed that it could take longer to issue a building permit if any zoning changes need to be made.


“That is why we advise people to reach out to the inspection department early on in their planning process so we can avoid any potential delays,” he said.

Masaki Ova joined The Jamestown Sun in August 2021 as a reporter. He grew up on a farm near Pingree, N.D. He majored in communications at the University of Jamestown, N.D.
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