TYNDALL, S.D. — Two Mike Durfee State Prison inmates were sentenced Monday, June 10, for drug charges brought against them in September.

Benjamin Carter and James Shaw, both of whom were given 90-day sentences by a Bon Homme County court after pleading guilty to one count each of inhabiting a room where drugs are illegally stored or used, are the final two of the 17 inmates charged on Sept. 12 to be sentenced.

All 17 men were initially charged with one count of possession of an article of indulgence, marijuana, and one count of ingesting a substance other than an alcoholic beverage for the purpose of becoming intoxicated.

Sixteen cases ended with a guilty plea, while Delano Brafford was convicted at trial of both charges on March 6 and sentenced to four years, which will run concurrent with a 2010 Pennington County sentence for second-degree robbery.

All the men charged were sentenced in or after February. All sentences are set to run concurrent, except for that of Theodore Red Wing, whose four-year sentence with two years suspended will run consecutive to his 2017 drug ingestion sentences.

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Sheldon Two Bulls, who was on parole by the time he was sentenced on Feb. 15, had all four years of his sentence suspended.

Christopher Chipps, Jesse Opatz and Benjamin Hunt had three years suspended; Elliott Blue Bird, Thomas Never Miss A Shot, Dylan Brown and Tirynn Anderson had two years suspended; Matthew Fritz-Chappell and Levi Locke had a year and six months suspended; and Randy Ramsey had one year suspended, all from four-year sentences.

In February, Michael Larson was sentenced to two years, and Mitchell Amundson received the same sentence with one year suspended.