BISMARCK — Bismarck traffic police have issued more citations for red light violations since the installation last year of confirmation lights, those blue lights on the top or bottom of traffic signals. They're now launching a program to better monitor the effectiveness of the new tool.

Confirmation lights are wired to the traffic lights and turn on when the signal turns red. Traffic police can see the lights from any angle, making it easier to know when someone runs a red light.

Installation of the lights started in late July 2018 and was completed in late fall as part of an upgrade that included better pedestrian signals. The lights are at 109 intersections, with as many as eight per intersection. Each cost $500. Lights on top of a traffic signal help police tell if someone ran the light in the through lane. Lights on the bottom monitor left turns.

Since installation, police have written 223 red light citations, compared with 206 in the same time frame the previous year. Not all of the stops since installation are because of the confirmation lights, but the lights have contributed, Bismarck police Lt. Jeff Solemsaas said.

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