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Police release name of man found dead during standoff in western ND

WILLISTON, N.D. -- Police have released the name of a man found dead in a building where two shots were fired Sunday afternoon, June 24, during a police standoff. The man’s name is 43-year-old Tobias Lingle.

It’s not known at this time what motives were involved in the standoff that ended in his death. Nor has the cause of death been confirmed, though Public Information Officer Danielle Hendricks did say it appears to have been the self-inflicted gunshot.

Police went to the warehouse because they had been asked to perform a welfare check on Lingle after he did not appear in Wyoming as expected. Lingle had been staying in a camper that was parked inside a warehouse in the 2000 block of 50th Street West. The name of the business, or what company he was working for, were unavailable.

When the two officers entered the warehouse where Lingle was staying, they heard a gunshot.

Hendricks said it is not known at this time if the shot was fired in the direction of officers.

The two responding officers did not return fire. They immediately left the building, calling for backup and establishing a perimeter around the scene.