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North Dakota man charged in threat case now accused of threatening state’s attorney

WILLISTON, N.D. - A judge on Monday ordered a man accused of threatening the Williams County state’s attorney in an attempt to get the charges against him dropped to be held on $1 million bond.

Greg Boe, 54, was charged Monday, Dec. 3, with threatening public servants, a class C felony. He was charged in April with terrorizing, a class C felony, and violating a disorderly conduct restraining order, a class A misdemeanor.

In an affidavit of probable cause, officials from the Williams County Sheriff’s Office allege that Boe wrote a threatening letter to Marlyce Wilder, state’s attorney for Williams County.

“In this letter, Boe stated that ‘God’ had pointed out to him the ‘perverse’ interpretation and application of the law against him,” Capt. Jason Boock of the Williams County Sheriff’s Office wrote in charging documents. “He stated: ‘I will see to it that your reign as DA comes to an end as God directed me to do so.’”

Boe then wrote that he would list the names of others who he’d been commanded to kill for being involved in what he called a conspiracy, charging documents indicate.

“I am placing you at the top of the list,” Boock quoted Boe as writing to Wilder.

Boe’s letter went on to list dozens of names, including Wilder, the county’s judges, court staff, jail staff, lawyers at several law firms and their families, staff at the Northwest Human Services Center and their families, member’s of Boe’s own family, the woman Boe is accused of threatening and her family and some inmates at the Williams County jail, court records state.

After the list, Boe continued his threats, Boock wrote in the charging documents.

“Boe stated: ‘These people are going to find their names in the obituary column,’” Boock wrote. “‘Keep your name out of the column by withdrawing the charges against me or let the bloody consequences begin.’”

Boe was originally arrested after he was accused of using similar wording in a letter he wrote to a woman who had a restraining order out against him.

In the affidavit in that case, police said Boe wrote: “God has a plan for us to follow. Bloody consequences will arise for not following His plan. If you wish to follow Satan’s plan find a good makeup artist? I know undertakers do an excellent job of making the dead look presentable.” He then signed the letter, “Your future husband, Greg.”

According to court records, the woman has had multiple restraining orders out against Boe dating back to 2006. The most recent was issued in May 2017, less than a year before Boe was arrested on the current charges.

Boe was charged in 2006 with multiple violations of a restraining order against the same woman he is accused of threatening in the case earlier this year. Records on those cases were not available in district court, but according to subsequent restraining order filings, Boe was sent to the North Dakota State Hospital in Jamestown.

The woman Boe is accused of threatening has filed for three restraining orders against him since 2006. The most recent was granted in May 2017 and lasts until May 2019.

In the 2006 filing, the woman, who the Williston Herald is not naming, wrote that Boe had asked her out multiple times, even after she told him she had no interest in him.

At a bond hearing Monday, Eric Lundberg, assistant state’s attorney for Williams County, asked for Boe’s bond to be set at $1 million. He told Northwest District Judge Josh Rustad that the state’s attorney’s office was taking the allegations seriously and wanted to ensure the safety of the community.

“This will at least ensure that he will stay in jail until this matter will be resolved,” Lundberg said.

During the hearing, Boe only answered questions posed to him by the judge and did not make a statement about bond when given the chance.

Rustad accepted the prosecution’s recommendation and set Boe’s bond at $1 million.

Boe is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on his new charges on Jan. 3. His trial on the previous charges is scheduled for Feb. 25.