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Williston man again accused of threatening officials

Greg Boe

WILLISTON, N.D. - Exactly two weeks after a man was convicted of threatening the Williams County state’s attorney he has been charged with doing so another time.

Greg Boe, 55, was charged Wednesday, April 24, with threatening public servants, a class C felony. He was convicted of an identical charge after a daylong jury trial on Wednesday, April 10.

The circumstances of the new charge are similar to the last one. Investigators said Boe, who was arrested in April 2017 and accused of sending a threatening letter to a woman who had a restraining order out against him, sent a letter to Williams County State’s Attorney Marlyce Wilder saying he would kill her and others if she didn’t drop the charges against him.

He was convicted of terrorizing, a class C felony, and violating a disorderly conduct restraining order, a class A misdemeanor, after a two-day jury trial in February where he acted as his own attorney. During his closing argument in that trial, he threatened to kill the members of the jury, who deliberated for 15 minutes before returning their guilty verdicts.

In December, Boe was charged for the first time with threatening public servants. Police and prosecutors said he wrote a letter to Wilder saying she was perverting the law. He said he would kill her and dozens of other people if she didn’t drop the charges against him.

In the latest case, police say Boe wrote a letter shortly after the charges were filed in December saying he’d added to the list of people he was going to kill.

“I may continue adding until you drop the charges against me,” investigators quoted Boe as writing in an affidavit of probable cause filed in Northwest District Court.

Boe went on to threaten to kill members of the North Dakota Highway Patrol, members of the Williams County Sheriff’s Office, including former Sheriff Scott Busching, members of both the Williston City and Williams County commissions and dozens of others.

At a bond hearing Wednesday, Northwest District Judge Josh Rustad set bond for the latest case at $50,000, and ordered that Boe have no contact with any of the people threatened in the letter.

“Aren’t you one of the victims?” Boe asked Rustad.

“As far as I can say, I wasn’t specifically listed,” Rustad replied.

In the previous case, Boe wrote that he would kill the judicial staff and judges of Williams County. Boe is currently being held in the Williams County jail until his sentencing in the other cases. His sentencing on the terrorizing and violating a disorderly conduct restraining order is set for May 3. A date for sentencing on the threatening public servants hasn’t been set.