The Jamestown Police Department is warning residents about a scam involving a solicitation of funds for a fire hall in Jamestown, according to Lt. Sid Mann of the JPD.

A resident reported the call Wednesday evening to authorities, Mann said. The reporting party said the caller sounded legitimate but the caller was suspicious. Authorities checked with the Jamestown Fire Department which has no fundraising efforts going on at this time.

"We don't know if they are making many calls or just a few," Mann said.

Mann said many scammers have the technology to make the phone number appear local and that scams by email can include logos and make reference to actual people in the community.

"Scammers are getting high tech," Mann said.

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People who receive suspicious calls should verify the information by other sources. Residents should never purchase gift cards or wire money at the request of a caller.

"It is very hard to track these people down," Mann said. "The worst thing is wiring money. It is gone once you wire it to someone."