A quote by Dr. Anne Carlsen, “ This is the most important for everyone to know: We must educate people to see the similarities, not the differences - and to see the person, not the disability.”

The Anne Carlsen Center is looking forward to another enjoyable and learning enhanced school year, as our staff works toward advanced technologies to expand academics and prepare for independence for our children. This year 62 students are expected to attend the Jamestown campus beginning Aug. 22. In today’s classrooms, technology plays an integral role in leveling the playing field for all students. At Anne Carlsen, we believe that technology is the key to the success of the children and young adults we serve. We do that by exploring the newest and promising technologies, developing key partnerships with leaders in the field of assistive and educational technologies and implementing best practices. We believe today’s technologies and innovative teaching practices can free our students from limitations and allow them to access their education, their world and their dreams. We continue to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School through success in implementing a 21st-century learning environment and shared leadership opportunities.

Education of the mind, body and soul is woven into all areas of daily living, supported by an array of sensory and language enriched experiences and materials which allow the children we serve the opportunity to express themselves and build their independence.

The Anne Carlsen Center has several donors, community and business partners and local volunteers who support the mission, operations and individuals served. Donors have committed ongoing support of the technology resources for the Center’s faculty and staff, as well as students and young adults in our programs. Their support is crucial to the overall mission of the Center and its goal to provide quality programs and services. We thank you!

You can learn more about the services we provide by visiting our website at www.annecenter.org or by calling toll free 1-800-568-5175.

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CEO- Tim Eissinger

COO- Stephanie Nelson

Director of Education (Supt./ Principal)- Michele Well

Asst. Director of Education- Adie Hobert

School Calendar operates from Aug. 22, through May 22.

Projected Enrollment: 62 (PK-12)

Anne Carlsen Board of Trustees: Casey Stoudt – Chair, Bruce Furness – Vice Chair, Sen. Nicole Poolman – Treasurer, Matthew Hanson – Secretary, Harvey Huber – Past Chair, Polly Peterson, Tamara Mathison, O.D., Kristi Mishler-Wilfahrt, Thomas Rolfstad, Alex Schweitzer, Myra Quanrud, M.D.- Ex Officio

Faculty (Special Education Teachers): Mary Lewis, Adie Hobert, Becky Simmons, Danelle Fugate, Tonya Becker, Sarah Duven, Marlena Maddock, Simone Leigh, Kelsey Hust,; Administrative Assistant: Melissa Jacobson; General Education Teachers: Michael Hiltner, Steve Gapinski, Shawn Jenner, Amanda Hogg, John Lynch, Dylan German Substitute Teachers: Caryn Claflin, Corby Maddock, Ann Halko, Daniel Smith, Cindi Psychos, Learning Resource Center: Theresa Hanson (Assistive Technology Coordinator) Correen Brewster; Adaptive PE: Troy Duven, Eileen Pfarr; Behavior Analysts: Jackie Loepp-Trautman, Registered Behavioral Technicians: Dana Baasch, Nathan Bivens Individual Program Coordinators: Dana Kolden, McCall Fix Erin Zalumskis- Sand. Community Vocational Trainers: Chelsey Duffy, Marie Bjerke Transportation: Ted Schulz, Josh Brehm, Jeff Manson