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The student council for Louis L’Amour Elementary School is selling homemade scarves and baked goods this week to raise funds for a family in need this holiday season.

Jordan Mikkelson, the fourth-grade girls’ student council representative, said the council meets in September to decide which charities it wants to help.

“We decided to help a family because they’re in need,” she said.

The scarves are $2 or $3 and made out of fleece material left over from when the school made blankets for Project Ignite Light earlier this school year, according to Cody Berreth, the fourth-grade boys’ representative on the student council.

“It takes about 2 to 3 minutes to make a scarf from fleece,” Mikkelson said.

The student council sold the scarves and homemade baked goods, including cookies, bars and a gluten-free cake, during lunch times at the school. Avery Wright, the fifth-grade girls’ student council representative, said the sale would go through Thursday or whenever the supplies ran out.

Kristy Landenberger, a fourth-grade teacher, and Jeff Meissner, a fifthgrade teacher, are the student council advisers. Landenberger said there are two representatives from each grade on the council.

“It gives the students an idea of what student council will be like in middle school,” she said.

Landenberger said the student council meets toward the beginning of the school year to decide which organizations it wants to help. She said Project Ignite Light was one of the organizations the council helped this school year by making blankets from fleece material.

“Every year around Christmastime we usually do Angel Tree gifts,” she said. Angel Tree is a program run by Salvation Army where a tree is set up and cards are placed on the tree with each card containing a list of gifts for a specific child. Someone takes a card, buys the gifts, then brings them back to the Salvation Army for distribution to the child who will receive the gifts.

Landenberger said the council usually raises money and buys some Angel Tree gifts. She said this year there is a family that is having a tough time, so the council wants to help the family.

“They (student council) do three projects on average each year,” she said. The student council also organizes different school-wide events throughout the school year.


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We decided to help a family because they’re in need.


fourth-grade girls’ student council representative, at Louis L’Amour Elementary School