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Kulm school to unveil new mural

Kulm Public School will host a public presentation and viewing of the newly completed school mural on Tuesday, Feb.

27. The mural, measuring over 380 square feet, was painted by local artist and KPS alumna Krista Vogel Lundgren. The Kulm Public School Foundation spearheaded the project and was granted $2,500 from the North Dakota Council on the Arts to combine with its own fundraising to commission the artwork.

“We knew we wanted the mural to feel very personal to our community members, and the only way to do that was to bring in input from them,” said Sarah Gackle, foundation director for Kulm Public School. The school sought input from students, alumni and community members on what should be included in a Kulm mural, and then gathered representatives of those groups to meet with the artist and discuss how the input could be incorporated into the mural.

To further involve students, Lundgren held a full day of art talks with KPS students in small groups, answering questions about the creation process and encouraging them to reflect on their relationship to the artwork. She integrated new ideas they suggested.

“Krista and I both took our responsibility very seriously, which was to ensure the project would reflect the values, environment, and experience of our community,” said Gackle. “We’re excited to reveal the final product.”

The public viewing of the mural will be from 4 to 8 p.m. Feb. 27. The artist will do a formal presentation at 6 p.m.