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School Board to appoint Trevithick seat

Sedric Trevithick1 / 2
Greg Allen2 / 2

One rural seat on the Jamestown Public School Board was filled and another will be appointed within two months, the school board decided Monday.

The board offered one seat to Greg Allen, who did not seek re-election after serving two decades. Allen decided to stay on after receiving 31 of the 83 write-in votes for a rural seat that had no other candidates in the June 12 primary election.

Allen accepted the position following the meeting, said Robert Lech, superintendent of Jamestown Public School District.

Allen was not asked to respond regarding the seat during the meeting. He had 10 days to decide. If he refused the seat the school board could go right to the appointment process rather than selecting a winner from the remaining write-in ballots according to legal counsel, Lech said.

The school board approved 8-0 Lech’s recommendation that the rural board position recently held by Sedric Trevithick be declared vacant and go directly to the appointment process.

Trevithick received 2,072 votes as the lone candidate for the rural seat he was appointed to in 2016. He changed his residence since the appointment and it was not discovered until the election that he now resides in Barnes County North School District and is no longer eligible to hold his seat.

North Dakota Century Code states that once a school board position is determined to be vacant, the process is to either fill it by appointment or to hold a special election within 60 days.

The school board will request information from potential applicants and, if necessary, select three finalists to bring before the board for an interview, Lech said. The board will then appoint this position from one of these finalists.

“The write-in candidates might be inspired to apply,” Lech said.

The official results of the three city seat school board seats have incoming board member Jason Rohr with 1,992 votes, followed by incumbents Heidi Heim-Larson, 1,945, Robert Toso, 1,799, and Brenda Roemmich, 1,497. Roemmich was not re-elected.

In other business, the school board approved the negotiations committee’s recommendation to approve one-year contracts for four administrators. The raises were based in part on comparison salaries in similar-sized districts, according to the committee.

Lech was given a $10,000 increase on his $147,993 annual base salary. The increase was for completing his doctorate in education administration which puts Lech in the maximum educational level for salaries, Lech said.

Sally Ost, business manager, was given a $7,000 increase for holding additional responsibilities of human resource manager and Title IX coordinator. Her annual salary is now $110,000.

Shelley Mack, the food service director, was given a $2,800 increase for having the additional role of school district dietician. Her annual salary is now $69,408.

Joseph Hegland, the curriculum and professional development coordinator, was given a $1,400 increase. His annual salary is now $62,053 for the half-time position.