Jamestown High School students said they were a little stunned at a mathematical tricks presentation but just as much by the presenter who concluded the event doing several one-arm push-ups.

Joe Jangula, a retired farmer from Marian, N.D., was at Jamestown High School on May 8 to go through his “math tricks” exercises with students. It was the 21st and final visit to North Dakota high schools this school year for a program sponsored by the Cass-Clay Creamery in Fargo.

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Jangula, who also visited JHS in March, had each student pick a number, keep it secret, and then had them perform several calculations including other students adding numbers. Then he predicted the end result and asked the students to confirm his answers.

“I picked this up on my own,” Jangula said. “I put this together myself.”

The students chose to take part in the math tricks class as part of the JayWalks Sessions. Students are allowed to pick an enrichment session to attend during the midday period.

“He doesn’t show us how to do them, so no one is quite sure how he’s doing them,” said Leigh Meier, a JHS secondary math teacher. He did some cool math tricks that got the kids engaged and they were wondering how he did them and they were having a lot of fun.”

It was a win-win as Jangula gave out gift certificates for a half-gallon of Cass-Clay Creamery ice cream. As for the one-arm pushups, he said that no student has ever outdone him.