Jamestown Public School Board President Jennifer Schmidt posted a photo to her Instagram account prior to the Sept. 17 contract negotiation session with Jamestown Education Association for a two-year contract for teachers in the district. The caption for the photo, a picture appearing to show Schmidt with fangs, said:

"I need my head examined for thinking I could do good for teachers in my district. I'll put that on my to do list. Now I must go to negotiations."

When contacted by The Sun about the post on Sept. 18, Schmidt said, "It was a mistake. I won’t hide from it. If I offended somebody, I'm sorry.”

Schmidt declined to comment further.

Danielle Giesler and David Dooley, negotiators for JEA, declined to comment. Robert Lech, superintendent of Jamestown Public Schools, also declined to comment.

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As of Sept. 18, Schmidt's account has 26 followers. Schmidt said the account is private, meaning her posts can only be seen by those approved followers.

The school board declared impasse at the end of the negotiation session.