Kindergartners in Heather Tomlin-Rohr’s class at Louis L’Amour Elementary School modeled in an “ABC Boot Camp” fashion show on Friday, Oct. 4. The event was a culmination and celebration of learning the letters to the alphabet, said Tomlin-Rohr.

“So for the first 26 days of school, we focused on one letter a day,” she said. “And then every kid was an Army Ranger for that letter, so they were the special helper all day long. We focused on words that began with that letter, we made word posters that we hung on our ceiling …”

Each student who was the Army Ranger for the day got to dress in an Army Ranger outfit with an Army Ranger hat and got a special dog tag, Tomlin-Rohr said.

For the fashion show, students all took home a paper vest made out of a paper bag with their assigned letter. They then had to decorate their paper vest with words representing their specific letter with pictures and newspapers clippings, she said.

“They have worked so hard on coming up with different things that start with that letter each day. And so to end it, we’re doing a fashion show on the real runway,” she said, speaking to parents and others attending the event.

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Tomlin-Rohr noted there are 21 students in the class and 26 letters in the alphabet, so some had “an extra special job, they got two letters to do,” she said.

Not only did they decorate their vests, they also worked on “signature moves” to do on the runway to music, she said.

On the day of the fashion show, parents and students in other grades at Louis L’Amour lined the hallway. With music filling the hallway, students, teachers and others clapped their hands as each student walked up and down the runway modeling his or her vest and doing his or her own moves to the music.

Once the students finished, they teamed up in pairs for one last strut down the hallway. Following that, each grade then walked the runway.