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Fire call at WAPA plant

Stutsman County Communications Center received an 11:12 p.m. call about a possible fire at or near the Western Area Power Administration building at 8430 Country Club St,, east of Jamestown. Jamestown Fire Department and Jamestown Rural Fire Department responded.

JFD Lt. Sheldon Mohr said the department was on scene with four trucks and 24 firefighters. When it was determined there was no fire the department cleared the scene at 11:49 p.m., he said.

Joel Guthmiller, assistant chief of JRFD, said the department was on scene with five trucks and 10 firefighters. He said workers at the plant called after equipment they were running appeared to have a flash flame.

The equipment was turned off and the fire call was made as a precaution, he said. The employee came out and said everything was fine, he said.