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Recycling receptacles for residences being delivered in city

Crews began delivering recycling containers Wednesday in Jamestown. The residential recycling program is set to start in early April. John M. Steiner / The Sun

Distribution of recycling receptacles in Jamestown began Wednesday, according to Ralph Friebel, owner of the Recycling Center of North Dakota. The distribution is being handled by a company under contract to assemble and place the receptacles.

“They are distributing the carts,” Friebel said. “I’m assuming it will be a madhouse for the next couple of months.”

Originally, residential recycling was scheduled to begin last July. Delays in financing and acquiring equipment pushed the start date back several times. The city of Jamestown set an April 7 deadline for implementation or the contract between the city and the Recycling Center would be nullified.

Friebel said the first collections are scheduled for April 2 in northeast Jamestown. Maps, collection schedules and other information are packed in a plastic bag inside each receptacle.

“The recycling task force and some university students stuffed the bags last Saturday,” Friebel said. “It also contains the customer service number for people to call if they have questions.”

Residential recycling will be picked up every other week on the same day people put out their garbage. The map is color coded to break each day’s city garbage collection into two areas labeled A and B for when the recycling will be picked up. The included calendar is also color coded to show the resident which days his or her recycling will be picked up, matching the color on the map.

The packet also includes information on what can and cannot be placed in the recycling container.

Glass, hardcover books, clothing and shoes cannot be placed in the recycling containers but can be dropped off at the recycling center.

The Recycling Center has not been accepting glass but the material is included as a recyclable under the residential recycling contract.

Friebel said the current building at 1st Street and 3rd Avenue Southwest will serve as a recycling drop-off point for things that cannot be placed in the recycling containers.

“The hours of the Recycling Center will change,” he said. “We’ll publish and post those in the near future.”

The Recycling Center’s current hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Friebel was not sure when the hours would change but expected the operation’s hours would expand.

Because of the recent snowfall, recycling containers are being placed at the curb in most neighborhoods.

“Even if the cart is delivered to the curb,” Friebel said, “if you have alley garbage pickup now, you will have recycling pickup in the alley.”

Friebel said he anticipates there will be some challenges working out the bugs.

“We’ll work through any problems,” he said. “Ninety days from now, everything will be going smoothly.”