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Pool demolition funding sought

Jamestown Parks and Recreation Commission heard a report Monday from Doug Hogan about how the outdoor pool demolition may be funded.

Hogan, Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department director, said it was an estimated cost of $280,000 to demolish and fill in the space where Jamestown Municipal Pool and pool building now sits.

Hogan said the department doesn’t have funds on hand to pay for the project. He said the Parks and Rec Commission has two options for funding. One is using a certificate of indebtedness, where the commission borrows money against future tax revenues. The other option involves a new program created by the North Dakota Legislature where public agencies may take out a loan from the Bank of North Dakota for up to $500,000 for public projects. The loan would be paid back against future state and federal government revenues the Parks and Rec Department would receive.

Hogan said the bids will be sought later this spring, as the University of Jamestown wants to reclaim the land it donated for use as an outdoor pool and convert it to parking.