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Heinrich elected mayor, Steele City Council

Jamestown will have a new mayor.

Unofficial tallies available Tuesday night in the primary election showed Dwaine Heinrich with 1,282 votes compared to 1,100 votes for incumbent Katie Andersen. Joshua Meade received 408 votes.

“I wish Jamestown well,” Andersen said. “I want it to be successful for him (Heinrich).”

Heinrich could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.

Heinrich, 70, is the founder and now serves as a consultant with Heinrich and Company Insurance Adjusters. He had previously told The Sun there were several reasons he was running for mayor of Jamestown.

“We could start with the fact that I really like Jamestown,” he said in answer to a question in the May 25 edition of the Sun. “Next we might acknowledge that Jamestown has been very good to me. There is also I believe a general feeling that a change should be made.”

Heinrich said he wanted to align City Council priorities with the priorities of the community.

“The first priority is to have a city government which residents feel is interested in them and what they feel are their priorities or needs,” he said in the “On the Issues” election series. “It seems residents do not believe this is the case at this time.”

Andersen served two four-year terms as mayor of Jamestown. When she was elected in 2010, Heinrich placed second in a four-candidate race. Heinrich also served on the Jamestown City Council from 1998 to 2008.

Voters also chose David Steele for a seat on the Jamestown City Council. Unofficially, Steele gathered 1,746 votes compared to 833 for Kevin Walker.

Steele, 63, retired from teaching after 37 years.

“I hope I can serve the citizens well,” Steele said. “I appreciate their (the voters) confidence in me.”

Steele will take the seat currently held by Ramone Gumke, who is seeking a seat on the Stutsman County Commission. Gumke has served two four-year terms on the City Council.

Heinrich and Steele take office at a special meeting of the Jamestown City Council on June 26. Andersen and council will act on any old business before Heinrich and Steele are seated. The newly organized City Council will then act on any new business before the council.