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4 elected, 1 will resign School Board member lives outside district

There is a new member of the Jamestown Public School Board, but a snafu will mean an incumbent must resign.

Sedric Trevithick received 2,065 votes in running unopposed for the rural seat on the school board he was appointed to as an interim member in 2016. He found out while voting Tuesday that his address is actually in Barnes County North School District.

“I went to vote and on my ballot I saw that I couldn’t vote for Jamestown Public School Board,” Trevithick said. “I thought they gave me the wrong ballot and asked about it.”

Trevithick said his kids are enrolled in Jamestown schools and his application for the school board was processed by Stutsman County without issue. After further investigation Tuesday, it was confirmed that his address is half a mile in Barnes County North School District, he said.

“The only thing I can do is apply for annexation and they would have to annex me and the property owner west of me to be in the school district,” he said.

Trevithick said he will resign at the July 16 school board meeting when the votes are approved and the other board members are sworn in. His rural seat will need to be appointed, and the rural seat vacated by retiring member Greg Allen will either be awarded to a possible write-in candidate or another appointment, he said.

There were 83 write-in votes for Allen’s seat.

Jason Rohr was the only non-incumbent in a four-person race for three city seats on the school board. He received 1,987 votes in the Tuesday primary election, which put him ahead of incumbent Brenda Roemmich with 1,493 votes.

Two other incumbents Heidi Larson and Robert Toso, returned to their city seats with 1,937 and 1,791 votes, respectively.

“Obviously, I’m excited and I’d like to get working,” Rohr said. “I’m going to keep all of the stakeholders in mind as far as what I'm doing for students, staffs and the community.”

Rohr, a senior crop insurance specialist at AgCountry Farm Credit Services and an agriculture and technical education instructor for North Dakota Center for Distance Education, said he maintains an active teaching license to offer online courses. He said this may help him step into the school board role without as much as a learning curve as someone who has not worked in education.

“I think there is a definite advantage having an education background,” he said. “I will still have to do some catch up on things specific to the school district.”

Roemmich, who served one term, said Tuesday that she enjoyed the opportunity to serve. She felt she helped the school board accomplish a great deal while controlling a budget deficit.

“I also see that we’ve got great things coming forward,” Roemmich said. “The students are our future and I just wanted to make a difference for kids.”

A school district measure passed 2,603 to 268 that will require publishing a record of the proceedings of the school board in a newspaper of general circulation for the succeeding two years.

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