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Parks and Rec approves budget

The Jamestown Parks and Recreation Commission on Monday unanimously approved its $1.36 million budget for 2019.

The budget for the year ending Dec. 31, 2019, is $91,256 less than the $1.45 million 2018 budget, or $21,356 less after subtracting special assessments and facilities costs that included $45,000 for the Two Rivers Activity Center. The 35.83 mills for the 2019 certificate of levy amounts to $1.67 million in property tax revenue.

The 2018 tax levy was 37.25 mills.

"As team members we had our staff try to maintain 2018 levels or less and were able to keep it under our budget from last year," said Doug Hogan, director of Jamestown Parks and Recreation. "We were able to fit some smaller projects into that budget but when we have a $1.7 million budget to begin with we also felt that the board expressed its desire to be public stewards of the money."

In other business, the commission denied 2-3 a request to pursue another golf cart lease with the same company when the current four-year lease expires in 2019. Members Ron Olson and Mark Ukestad voted to pursue the lease before rates could increase, while members Mike Landscoot, Mike Soulis and Mindi Schmitz voted to wait until the contract expires to allow more companies to bid in the process.

Officials from the Pingree-Buchanan School District were present to inquire about a busing issue at the TRAC facility. The school district was told its lone bus could no longer pick up and drop off students from the TRAC parking lot.

Hogan said Parks and Recreation has a liability agreement with the Jamestown Public School District that allows school buses to pick up and drop off students from the TRAC parking lot adjacent to the high school. There is no such agreement with Pingree-Buchanan School District, he said.

"If we have an accident, we don't have liability," Hogan said.

The Pingree-Buchanan bus will return to the John L. Wilson Arena and Eagles Arena parking area where a liability agreement will be approved for the school district, he said.