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Parks and Rec to seek legal advice

An official at the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Commission on Monday said that legal counsel will be sought regarding an unresolved parking matter with Pingree-Buchanan Public School District.

The commission in September directed Doug Hogan, director of Parks and Recreation Department, to draft a contractual agreement with Pingree-Buchanan School District to allow for pick up and drop off of youth with a bus and cars on the east parking lot of Wilson Arena. Hogan was also to inform the school district to cease using the Two Rivers Activity Center lot where there is no agreement.

Hogan said Monday that there was no response to the agreement.

"Our board indicated that we should have a written agreement," Hogan said. "There are liability issues, obviously, from another entity coming in and using the facility. So that is what the agreement is about."

Brett McILonie, president of the Pingree-Buchanan Public School Board, and Terrie Neys, Pingree Buchanan Elementary School principal, said at the meeting that their bus continues to use the TRAC lot. The two said the Wilson Arena agreement was not acceptable, that a parking congestion issue does not exist and other buses use the TRAC lot.

Pingree-Buchanan is using the TRAC lot without permission with a school bus and about 25 to 30 cars affecting weekday traffic, Hogan said. Jamestown Public School District buses use the TRAC parking lot with an agreement that was formed after communicating concerns, he said.

The Pingree-Buchanan Public School District was directed to use the Wilson Arena lot the previous year and again in August but refused, Hogan said.

"Pingree-Buchanan would be the only people there using the parking lot at Wilson Arena," Hogan said.

In other business, the commission approved a review committee to select items to bid out for phase two of the TRAC project.

The above-ground-level outdoor pool features include slides, fountains and items that need to be priced for design and placement within the central plan, said Travis Dillman, principal engineer with Interstate Engineering. The review committee will attempt to have a recommendation for the March 11 commission meeting, he said.

The review committee includes Hogan, Amy Walters, TRAC facility manager; Dillman, and Brian Milne of Interstate Engineering, and Tony Wolf of Zerrberg Architects.

According to the November meeting, if the commission accepts the phase two plan for construction, Zerrberg would be paid 8 percent of the estimated $2 million project cost in lieu of the $14,000 design fee.

Mindi Schmitz, commission chair, said work has not moved forward to have the Parks and Recreation Department strategic plan be conducted by the Master of Arts in Leadership program of the University of Jamestown. She will now reach out to the Stutsman County Extension Office of North Dakota State University Extension for consideration.