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Trenchless water line company receives JSDC loan

Incentives from the Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corp. will help a company that will manufacture and install a trenchless system for repairing and rejuvenating water lines.

Jerry Szarkowski told the JSDC Board of Directors Monday that he had acquired the North American rights for the manufacture and installation of MainSaver, a trenchless system to line aging potable water lines. The business will operate as a new company called MainSaver - North Central, Inc.

The JSDC authorized a $75,000 interest free loan that will be repaid by the state of North Dakota from state income tax withholding for new employees of the company over a 10-year period.

Documents filed by Szarkowski said they anticipated hiring 20 people over the next 24 months with hiring beginning this month.

Szarkowski said the city of Jamestown had contracted last year with a Chicago company for a similar product to rejuvenate water lines in northeast Jamestown at a cost of about $60,000 for each city block of water lines.

"It is a low competition market with incredible opportunity," he said.

Szarkowski said the intent is to base the manufacture of the material used to reline water lines and base crews to install the materials in locations around the Jamestown region.

Steve Aldinger, project manager for Interstate Engineering, said testing of underground water and sewer lines was on hold due to muddy conditions at the Jamestown Airport Industrial Park.

"In order to do all that, you need to have ground you can drive on," he said.

Plans still call for 90-acre project of industrial lots to be completed by June 30, Aldinger said.

In other business, the JSDC approved a Flex PACE business loan for Central Business Systems. The company is planning to expand its operation to include commercial document shredding.

JSDC President Kelly Rachel said having this service available locally would prevent Jamestown businesses from having to contract with outside vendors for the service.

The JSDC Board of Directors also approved the audit report and defeated a proposal to expand the JSDC funeral leave policy to include time off for funerals for aunts and uncles of employees.