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Easement to add power line to airport

The Jamestown Regional Airport Authority approved 6-0 a utility easement for Otter Tail Power Co.

Member Ramone Gumke was not present.

There have been problems with electrical service to the airport with the existing power line that runs between N.D. Highway 20 and the airport building, said Katie Hemmer, airport director. The plan is to put in a new line along the airport access road which is where the easement is needed, she said.

“A new line would allow for a service loop,” Hemmer said. “If there ever was a problem with service Otter Tail could connect from either side.”

The Federal Aviation Administration does not allow for airport authorities to relinquish control of property without its approval, said Steve Aldinger, a senior project engineer with Interstate Engineering. An easement is technically giving up control of property and is subject to FAA review, he said.

A review may mean adjustments to an easement request, he said. It may just mean having to update airport maps to reflect the new power line, he said.

The action is contingent upon any required FAA approval. Leo Ryan, the attorney for the airport authority, said he would review the easement contract.

In the airport authority chair’s report, Trent Sletto said he would like the members and staff to explore opportunities to install walking paths or trails along airport property bordering the highways. As future projects develop there may be ways to connect these paths with the surrounding community, he said.

The airport authority approved the plans and specifications for snow removal equipment, also contingent on approval. A new plow truck will have a 22 foot blade in front with 2 foot retractable extensions on either side, along with a 12 foot belly blade in the center, with possible alternate components to include a pull broom, air blowers and a deicing spreader box.

Keith Veil, vice chairman, said the rotary plow is used for big snow days, and the truck with the blade is used for intermediate snow days. Most snow days are less and a broom truck with blowers will do better to keep blowing snow off the runway and shorten the removal time.

“A blower for the broom truck is valuable,” Veil said.

Hemmer said the regulations require sourcing from multiple entities and do complicate the accessory search along with the nearly $1 million price for all proposed items. She said Veil’s request would be included in the search.

Hemmer said now that the snow is gone, Border States Paving will return to finish some remaining work on the new parking lot that was completed last fall. Old flag pole bases will be removed and underground wiring will be repaired at two gates, she said.

The airport authority directed Hemmer to advertise the bid sale of two airport pickup truck vehicles. Both vehicles are older and were used to push plows.