The Jamestown Public School Board and the Jamestown Education Association continued contract negotiations on Thursday, Aug. 8, but did not come to an agreement before the meeting ended.

"We're closer than we were in May," said Jennifer Schmidt, president of the school board. The proposed contract is for two years.

Thursday was the eighth meeting between the two groups since May. The board gave a final offer of $696,412 for total compensations, countering JEA's offer of $828,617, a difference of $132,205.

"We're already deficient spending," Schmidt said. "We have $700,000 to work with and that's what we're working with."

Both parties agreed to meet again at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 17.

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"We're pretty close," said Danielle Giesler, negotiator for the JEA. "We're just looking at the little things."