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Garbage receptacles available to public

Large trash receptacles once used by Jamestown residents sit in a pile north of the city. John M. Steiner / The Sun

Residents of Jamestown will be able to pick up a free garbage container at the garbage baler.

The Jamestown Public Works Committee approved making the old green receptacles available to the public during its meeting Thursday. The receptacles were replaced by the city of Jamestown last summer when the city went to automated collection trucks. The green receptacles are not compatible with the trucks used to collect garbage or recycling.

Efforts to sell the receptacles to other cities were not successful because they are not compatible with automated equipment.

City Administrator Sarah Hellekson said crews are checking the receptacles and removing any foreign materials before making the containers available to the public. Some are currently available at the bailer.

In other business, Ralph Friebold, owner of Recycle North Dakota that provides residential recycling pickup in Jamestown, reported to the Public Works Committee that about 10 percent of the materials going into the recycling receptacles is actually garbage. As a case in point, he said an entire frozen turkey was put out as recycling at one point.

Friebold said the biggest problems are reported at recycling dumpsters at apartment buildings. In cases where problems are found with an individual recycling account, stickers are attached to the receptacle informing the person of the non-recyclable items found in the recycling container.