Over 65% of participants stated a desire for an outdoor pool or water park in a survey of the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department, which collected 546 responses to 10 questions.

The survey was created by Leslie Stevens, a student at the University of Jamestown, and was conducted in June. Participants were asked to rate several aspects of the department on a scale of one to five stars, with five being the highest. The results were discussed Monday, Aug. 12, at the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Commission meeting.

Of the 546 participants of the survey asked what new or additional outdoor parks and recreation facility should be developed or improved, 359 answered "outdoor pool/water park".

Two Rivers Activity Center is working on fundraising for an outdoor water feature, Meidinger Splash Park, which will be located outside of the TRAC building.

When asked to rate the value of public parks, recreation programs, trails and facilities in Jamestown, 82% (447) answered three stars or better.

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Asked to rate the level of satisfaction with the Parks and Rec district's efforts in communicating with the community, 74% (404) answered three stars or lower.

"This board needs to get a cohesive agreement as a group moving forward," Stevens said. "We asked the community questions and these are the answers."

The survey results said participants believe Two Rivers Activity Center is the greatest strength of the department, while parks in the area yield the greatest opportunity for improvement.

"We owe it to the public to move forward with some kind of strategic plan," said Mindi Schmitz, chairman of the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Commission.

The department agreed to pay Stevens $200 in addition to reimbursing her for fees to conduct the survey and mileage for traveling to Jamestown from Bottineau.

"We would have paid someone a couple thousand dollars to do what she just did," Schmitz said.

The Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department also approved a quote from Dakota Central to install 21 security cameras at the Hillcrest Golf Course. Last month, four golf carts were stolen from the golf course, according to Doug Hogan, director of Parks and Recreation.

The estimated cost of the security cameras is $11,732, including approximately 38 hours of labor at $100 an hour. The department also approved Wilson Arena receiving a similar quote for security cameras to bring back to the board next month.

The installment of bleachers on the first base side of Jack Brown Stadium, costing approximately $200,000, has been delayed. Originally set to begin construction on Sept. 25, the demolition and paving of concrete are now on a conditional schedule to begin Oct. 7 and arrangements are still being made with an architect from Fargo.

Amy Walters, facility manager at TRAC, said TRAC will receive the Golden Egg Award from the North Dakota Recreation and Park Association at a ceremony next month.

"That's the big deal, the Golden Egg," Schmitz said. "It's like winning movie of the year at the Oscars."