Gov. Doug Burgum said education can be better in North Dakota, speaking to educators during the third annual Governor's Summit on Innovative Education on Wednesday, Aug. 14, in Jamestown.

"It's time to be a leader in education," Burgum said. "North Dakota is in a position to lead the rest of the country in education ... to be number one."

Burgum spoke to the crowd of approximately 500 for 45 minutes on the first day of the two-day event. On the projection screen, six goals for the upcoming school year showed behind Burgum as he spoke: cultural aspirations, citizen focused, growth mindset, leadership everywhere, work as one and make a difference.

"We can make education better here in the great state of North Dakota," Burgum said. "We're in the business of bettering people's lives.

"If we want to give people real world experience we need to get them into the real world," Burgum said. "The real world is not just in the classroom."

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The summit continues Thursday, Aug. 15 and will shift its focus from innovative education to behavioral health in the educational setting.

"We're going to solve the problem of mental health in the classroom by working together as a state," Burgum said. "The work that you do is filled with purpose."