The Jamestown Parks and Recreation Board approved moving forward Monday, Sept. 9, with the current design for a Splash Deck area while also designating space for a future outdoor pool at Two Rivers Activity Center.

Amy Walters, facility manager at TRAC, said a desire for an outdoor pool had been expressed by community members through a recent survey and responses at a public information meeting on March 11. Walters was asked by commissioners when the pool could be expected and how she would fund operations for it.

"I don't know when I'll be able to answer that," Walters said. "I don't know if we can do that (operate an outdoor pool) efficiently or responsibly."

The board unanimously approved designating space for the future project. Commissioners also approved the leasing of a lawnmower for the baseball and softball fields for $9,200 per year for three years. The money will come from the department's facility fund.

"It feels like every time we come to these meetings we're spending money," Commissioner Mike Soulis said. "I want to be responsible with these decisions."

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"For $9,200 (per year) for the next three years, we could certainly handle it," said Doug Hogan, director of the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department. "Our budget is flexible enough for when things like this come up."

The vote passed 4 to 1, with Soulis voting no.

"We need to look at what we are doing with this money," Soulis said. "That's why I got on here. We need to be responsible."

"I'm frustrated, too," said Mindi Schmitz, chairman of the board. "It's my responsibility to know how we're spending taxpayer money."

The board also discussed a $26,000 proposal to insulate a warehouse building at Hillcrest Golf Course.

Commissioners Mark Ukestad and Ron Olson voted yes, while Soulis and Mike Landscoot voted no. Despite her frustration, Schmitz voted yes to the project, approving it 3 to 2.

Hogan said the department would be opening bids for the construction of bleachers inside Jack Brown Stadium on Oct. 1, with construction beginning Oct. 7 and a final deadline for the project on March 31, 2020.

The board held a public hearing for the final budget, approving it for 2020 at 37.24 mills. Hogan said for a $100,000 residential home, the increase will be $6.89 annually.

The total amount levied by the board increased by $152,450, for a total of $1,827,250 for 2020.