BISMARCK — North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring was elected president of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Wednesday, Sept. 11, according to a news release.

Goehring will serve as the organization's 2019-20 president and host its annual meeting in Medora in a year.

The NASDA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit association representing elected and appointed state agriculture officials across the country, according to Goehring's office.

"Farmers and ranchers are struggling to get by. Now is time to leverage NASDA’s nonpartisanship to get things accomplished in Washington,” Goehring said in a statement. “2020 will also bring a new strategic plan for our organization as we continue to build upon the momentum that we have gained over the last five years.”

Goehring, a Republican, has been the state's agriculture commissioner since 2009.