A lack of a quorum prohibited any action during a special Frontier Village Association meeting Tuesday. Melody Mittlieder, president of the Frontier Village Association, had called the special meeting Thursday. The agenda included items related to facilitate the transfer of Frontier Village property to Jamestown Tourism, acting as a nonprofit recipient of the property.

The Frontier Village Association voted to transfer the property and assets to the city of Jamestown during a Nov. 1 special meeting.

The city of Jamestown and FVA have been embroiled in a disagreement regarding the city's renewal of the land lease at the Frontier Village. The FVA issued an ultimatum that the city renew the lease and authorized its executive director to find a possible recipient for items possessed by the Frontier Village. The city of Jamestown has instead decided to seek proposals for a new organization or organizations to lease and operate the Frontier Village tourist site.

On Monday, Matt Sorensen, attorney for the Frontier Village Association, sent an email to The Jamestown Sun saying FVA "Board Members Tina Busche, Joann Herrick, Shawn Syverson, and Jason Holland have advised me they will not be attending the Nov. 12," meeting.

The email said the board members did not feel it was feasible to hold another public meeting given the outbursts at the Nov. 1 meeting. The letter said the transfer of property could be worked out between attorneys representing the FVA and the city of Jamestown.

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"The abstaining board members request that the City work with the FVA’s attorneys at the Vogel Law Firm to finalize the FVA’s affairs," Sorensen wrote in the email.

The email was not sent to Mittlieder as president of the FVA, the city of Jamestown or Jamestown Tourism.

Without a quorum, Mittlieder did not convene the meeting or address the agenda.

"I reiterate that I'm here to do the right thing," she said. "This is just wrong; the next step will be lawyers."

Mittlieder grew emotional when she talked about trying to find a solution to the disagreement.

"I need help," she said. "I don't know how to fix this."

Mittlieder was praised for her efforts by Jamestown Mayor Dwaine Heinrich and Serle Swedlund, executive director of Jamestown Tourism.

"What Melody (Mittleider) has been trying to do is to get people to do the right thing," Heinrich said. "There are simply some hoops that have to be jumped through ... this will resolve itself."