The Stutsman County Commission authorized Nicole Meland, county auditor and chief operating officer, to purchase personal protective equipment necessary for staff safety when the courthouse reopens.

Meland told the county commissioners Tuesday the supplies would include up to six shields to place on counters along with latex gloves, masks and sanitizing stations that would be required. There was no cost estimate available for the items but they would be at least partially reimbursable under federal programs dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

The items could be ordered now so the necessary equipment would be in place in June if the courthouse were to be opened sometime that month, she said.

"We need them for when we eventually do open, sometime," said Mark Klose, chairman of the commission.

In other business, the County Commission authorized adding an additional foot to a grade raise in the Streeter area.

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Dave Schwartz, Stutsman County commissioner, said the initial work was nearly complete but the water had risen necessitating adding another foot of elevation to the road. The cost for the addition was estimated at between $25,000 and $30,000.

The commission also authorized seeking bids for two additional grade raises on County Road 67 in the Cleveland area. An emergency drain in the area has lowered water enough so work could be done in those areas.