Stutsman Rural Water District set a record of 26 million gallons of water consumption in June, according to Geneva Kaiser, manager of the district.

"We had nine days of over 1 million gallons of usage," she said. "We've never seen that before."

The record usage comes during a month of hot and dry weather that prompted some new connections to the district's system. It compares to water usage in April that was reported at about 500,000 gallons per day.

Stutsman Rural Water District has a production capacity of about 2 million gallons per day, Kaiser said. The district is also exploring acquiring additional water rights to be able to expand the system in the future.

"We had quite a few people hooking up pasture taps," Kaiser said, referring to water hookups to supply water tanks in livestock pastures.

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In Jamestown, water usage is up but not near record territory, according to Joel Rowell, manager of the utility.

"We've been staying consistent at about 4.2 million gallons per day," he said. "That is up slightly from normal."

In April, before lawn and garden watering began, the Jamestown water plant was producing about 3 million gallons per day.

"Every time we get a little rain it backs off a little for a couple of days," Rowell said. "Then it picks up again."

This summer's peak usage was about 5 million gallons per day. Well under the system's processing capacity of about 8.2 million gallons per day.

"We are only running at about half capacity but we want to have room to expand if we have to," Rowell said.

In April, Rowell said the city's well field had the capacity to produce more than 10 million gallons per day, if necessary.

Peak usage for the Jamestown system occurred in 2006 at about 6 million gallons per day. At the same time, there were problems with some of the city's wells and Jamestown instituted a system of odd and even street number water restrictions while new wells were installed.

"Water usage has been down since then," Rowell said, referring to water conservation measures taken by industrial and residential water users in the city.

While the Stutsman Rural Water District and the Jamestown water utility are currently running at about half of their current capacities, that doesn't mean there can't be problems in the future.

"As long as everything is running good, we are looking pretty good," Rowell said.