Jamestown City Council gives budget consensus

Jamestown general fund budget of $8.8 million moved to the Finance and Legal Committee for consideration next week.

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A Jamestown City Council special budget meeting moved a planned budget to the July 20 Jamestown Finance and Legal Committee for consideration.

The special budget meeting Wednesday was the fourth such meeting. A possible fifth meeting planned for 9 a.m. July 20, was canceled after council members gave a unanimous consensus to the proposed budget presented.

The 2022 preliminary Jamestown general fund budget is about $500,000 higher than last year at $8.8 million in planned revenue and expenditures. The budget is balanced and anticipates the city of Jamestown starting and ending 2022 with about $3.4 million in the bank.

The general fund budget includes two new city positions and some new equipment.

"Equipment and personnel are always huge expenses," said Mayor Dwaine Heinrich. "If we add to that, we have to see efficiencies come with it."


The budget presentation did not include calculations for the city of Jamestown mill rate but projects roughly the same amount in tax collections in the city for 2022 as in 2021 at $4.3 million. The other $4.5 million in general fund collections comes from city fees, licenses, sales tax revenue and state aid distribution.

Sarah Hellekson, city administrator, said calculations of the mill rate and other details for the budget would be prepared by the July 20 Jamestown Finance and Legal Committee meeting.

The City Council must give final approval to a preliminary budget at its Aug. 2 meeting. The preliminary budget can be lowered but not increased before a final budget is approved at the City Council's October meeting.

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