Jamestown Rural Fire Department fights all day fire

Firefighters of the Pingree and Jamestown Fire departments battled a barnyard fire near Pingree on May 11.

JSSPN Fire calls

The Jamestown Rural Fire Department spent most of Tuesday, May 11, fighting a farmyard fire near Pingree, according to Rick Woehl, assistant chief of the department. The department assisted the Pingree Fire Department in fighting the fire.

Woehl said firefighters were called to the scene at 10:40 a.m. and did not leave until about 9 p.m. They rotated firefighters at the scene with an average of about 14 and a peak of about 20 on the scene.

The fire began with a tractor fire in a feedlot. The fire spread to stored feed at the scene including more than 70 hay bales.

"We contained it to the yard," Woehl said. "There were no structures involved."

During the return trip to Jamestown, the Rural Fire Department was dispatched to a grass fire south of Eldridge and was on the scene there for about half an hour.


"It is still dry out there," Woehl said. "People need to be careful."

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