5 questions ... for Mike Delfs

He is president and CEO of Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

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Mike Delfs is the president and CEO of Jamestown Regional Medical Center.
Courtesy / Jamestown Regional Medical Center

1. What interested you about working in health care?
Health care interested me because I wanted the opportunity to work with communities and patients to provide the health care they want and need. I grew up in Langdon, N.D., and remember my parents needing care as they aged. They, like all rural residents, deserve that care close to home.

2. What education prepared you for your career?
I have an MBA and I’m also a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. However, some of the education I found most helpful was working in direct patient care.

3. Who was a mentor to you in your field and why?
A CEO in Aikin, Minn., mentored me. I told him I wanted to be a CEO long before I ever was one. He was gracious enough to give me opportunities to learn and grow far beyond the position I held. Also, a manager in Fargo helped me learn my role in the organization as well as my role in management and leadership. I am grateful to them both.

4. What is one of the most challenging aspects of your work?
Change. In health care, if not implemented well, change has the potential to adversely affect people. Helping everyone in the organization understand the change, how it impacts them and how it benefits patients can be a challenge. We saw this throughout the pandemic. However, I can confidently say that I’m impressed with the legendary team at Jamestown Regional Medical Center. We’re a Best Place to Work because the teams here embrace change and work together to build a culture of safety and innovation.

5. What do you like about living in Jamestown?
I love being back in North Dakota. It’s centrally located for my family. I am passionate about the hospital and I love the community in which Jamestown is located. I also enjoy serving on the board of the Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce, in part, because I get to teach about leadership and how we can make our organizations better.

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