New water meters could be installed by fall 2023

The current water meters do not give accurate readings.

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JAMESTOWN – The city engineer and water superintendent will work on getting a vendor for new water meters so the city of Jamestown can get accurate measurements of water usage by fall 2023.

The current water meters are mechanical-style meters and are considered to be in positive displacement, which means the mechanical moving parts wear out and become less efficient. City Engineer Travis Dillman said 43% of the existing meters are 50 years old.

The current water meters do not give accurate readings of how much water is being used in each household, he said. Replacing the water meters will ensure that everyone pays for the right amount of water that is being used.

Dillman said he would like to select a vendor for the water meters. Then the vendor could begin installing the new water meters in homes and businesses this winter and work all next summer on the project.

“By the time we hit fall we (won’t) have to send meter readers out into the winter anymore,” he said.


Dillman said in a December Sun story that it could cost about $2.8 million to replace the current water meters and every residence, business or commercial district would get a new meter.

“The residential side if they are about 80% accurate across the board, realizing again that 43% are over 50 years old, that this project would be able to pay for itself as far as the principal and interest payment through the SRF (State Revolving Fund) loan that we would apply for,” he said. “In fact it could be paid off early.”

Scott Edinger, chief of police, said the 43rd annual Runnin’ O’ the Green Saturday, March 19, was the “quietest” he has seen since the first 10 Runs. He said there were six violations for open containers and seven suspicious activity calls, which some were related to the Run.

“We were pretty busy overall, but most of it was just day-to-day calls,” he said.

On Saturday, he said there were a total of 41 traffic stops, one arrest for driving under the influence that was not related to the Run, four drunkenness calls and a simple assault that was not related to the Run.

“It’s probably the first time that we have not had a simple assault during the Run, so it definitely was a real successful night,” he said.

The Jamestown Police & Fire Committee also unanimously recommended approval of the plans and specifications for a generator for the main fire station in Jamestown and authorized the advertisement for bids for the project.

The estimated cost for the diesel generator is about $100,000. He said the city of Jamestown received a grant from the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services, which is about $73,000. The city share would be about $27,000 and could be paid for using American Rescue Plan Act funds.


The City Council will need to give final approval at is meeting Monday, April 4.

Masaki Ova joined The Jamestown Sun in August 2021 as a reporter. He grew up on a farm near Pingree, N.D. He majored in communications at the University of Jamestown, N.D.
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